Jack and Jill
Jacksonville, Fl Chapter

Welcome to Jack and Jill, Jacksonville, FL

Another year, another opportunity!  Take notice all of you emerging scholars.  It's time to apply for the 2022 LEAD and/or Shannon Smith McCants Scholarships.  Essays are required.  Good luck!!!

LEAD Scholarship Flyer 2022

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Shannon Smith McCants Flyer 2022

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Welcome to all of the Jacksonville Florida Chapter New Moms with a 20/20 Vision!!!


Adams-Cindy     Archer-Ivy     Ashford-Latashia     Braithwaite-Tara     Brown-April     Coates-Clark-Camille

      Cindy Adams                 Ivy Archer                      Latashia Archer                Tara Braithwaite             April Brown       Camille Coates-Clark


Gibbs-Kimberlee     Hicks-Angie     Holder-Mone     Holsey-Chanda     Joseph-Brandi     LeCounte-Shameka

        Kimberlee Gibbs                 Angie Hicks               Mone Holder           Chanda Holsey            Brandi Joseph               Shameka LeCounte


Pettway-Nichole     Sosa-Nancy     Watkins-Triana     Willie-Erica     Woodie-Tiffany

 Nichole Pettway          Nancy Sosa            Triana Watkins                 Erica Willie                     Tiffany Woodie